Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Banning Coaching Institutes: Is this the ultimate solution

I have been hearing a lot of helluva about inclusion of class 12th marks weightage in IIT entrance criterion. Apparently the major justification to the decision is that in current system 12th marks does not have any implication on a students future and as result student do not give a damn to the exam. The second purported reason are the mushrooming coaching institutes which focus only on entrance exam and do not let a child's overall development. I being an output of such a coaching institute is in a good position to judge both of these justifications.

The first point regarding the non-relevance of senior school in wake of mushrooming coaching institutes is very true but the real question is why this is happening. Is this because of shear incompetence of schools or the brilliance of the coaching institutes that the students and as a matter of fact their parents are ready to sacrifice their education and pay hefty amount to enroll them into a coaching institutes. As far as i am concerned i left my school after due research and clear advice from my seniors on the brilliance of the teachers in my school. The point was justified later when i found that many classmates who i consider brilliant than me could not get through despite putting in adequate effort. in addition to their efforts, students at that stage need much guidance and motivation to clear the final threshold and counter the tough competition out there.

I will strongly differ from the second point which says that overall development suffer because of the single focused coaching institutes. On the other hand i believe this focus is what drive best out of the students. They get to be part of a group with similar aim and do aid each other in their path forwarded. Is is as if a number of like minded cooperate to get ahead on the path of their choice and i do not see any wrong with it. Moreover these institutes are the sole opportunity for students like me who do not have a privilege to study in a top tier school because of their place of residence and who also do not have any educated family member who can guide them on their path. In a way coaching institutes are giving level playing ground to all the deserving candidates irrespective of their past and family background. Most of the prestigious coaching institute have their own entrance test which test students on elementary concepts to gauge their aptitude for the exam.

People have every right to express their opinion but I believe leaving my school and joining a coaching institute was the best decision I have ever taken and was one of the turning point of my life. Those two formative years were the biggest learning experience i ever had and probably i was in company of the most brilliant people i ever had. And with my IIT and IIM experience anybody should think twice before challenging me on this topic.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Time to Fight it out

I don't know how to start it....As usual a lot has happened recently and most of it has not been very pleasant with me. This is the moment of introspection..This is the time to think deep...This is the time to take some tough decisions. I just hope this time i would be judicious enough to make them right.

Overall I have been utter failure at IIM Bangalore. My once seemingly too promising career has reached a state of complete uncertainty and confusion. Yes I wanted to increase my option in life..I wanted to be generalist...But that does not mean i wanted to be good for nothing as I had become now.

Having said all this I know i am not good for nothing...I need an inspiring success to boost my morale and rejuvenate my energies...I am working hard for it. No matter what the end result is I need to fight and fight is the only thing I can do.....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


What a year it has been. I don't know why history is so condescending with me. Why it keeps on repeating itself and give me a sense of de-ja-vu. I have always been a laggard.....a late starter.... But as they say all is well that ends well....I just hope this also ends well....I desperately hope that.....

Never in life I have been in such a pressure. Never in life I have been at such a low. But life is all about encompassing new peaks and new troughs. The funny thing is that this is happening at a moment... at a place.. I have always aspired and dreamed off... But I know it was not a fluke...I am very well aware that the recent time has not been good to me. But as always I will come back...with a bang. You just sit an watch and I will be there ........The place I have always wanted to be at..........

Friday, May 21, 2010

Plan Ahead

I still remember the day I joined IIT Kharagpur. It was a new beginning although not a perfect one. I was shattered by the cruel fate...A little under confident and completely ignorant of the opportunities ahead. Always been the planned man this was obviously not the greatest start I could have had....

But his time it is different. I am as confident as I have ever been..Most of all I am not completely ignorant of what I gonna face...I want to take this opportunity to make up for the mistakes of my past. This means I should be prepared and well planned. Here is the list of achievements I will like to have on my CV the day I pass out-
  1. Among the top 20 graduating student
  2. Made good friends who will last life long
  3. Have extra ordinary communication abilities
  4. Got an internship in a top consulting firm and get a PPO
  5. Had been a popular guy in the batch
  6. Went to Europe in term exchange
  7. Joined a good club and make a mark there
  8. Took part in as many extra curricular activities as possible

Sunday, May 09, 2010

When it rains It pours

There are few things in life which I had craved so much...There are even fewer for which I have struggled so much..I was on the verge of giving up.....This was the last frontier...The last try. But all the hard work and wait had made this success far more sweeter. I am a happy man today...Alas heavens had played its part and yes this time, for a change, luck was with me.....

There has been several lessons from this. The biggest one has been the realization that all small things and achievement play their role, of course at the opportune moment. You will always wonder why you worked so hard for something which had no impact on your life and some good day like this you will realize that it was the single differentiating factor which proved you better among equals. Moral of the story - It doesn't matter what you do, what matters is how you do it.

Let the celebrations begin!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Waiting for the moment of truth

Life is unbelievably funny. Full of uncertainty..Full of ups and downs. Just a quarter back I thought I have lost it in me...I am a gone case..a laggard in the rat race outside..But the most common proverb floating around came out to be true.. " Tough times never last but tougher people do".

And what a turn around..Today I am confused on whether to have a laddo or a rasgulla. I am sure this time will also not stay for ever. And whatever decision I take will have a prolong and lasting effect on my career.

I do not remember when I first heard of the word IIT. But It was the sheer determination of a 16 year young hardworking boy which got him through one of the toughest exams against all the odds. Such was his confindence that all through his preparation he never ever thought of not clearing the exam. It was his naiveness which convinced him that only harwork is key to success. And how hard he worked is something to record.

It was a big moment..the day he got his result...He got through but was still too disappointed. he was not paid his due...Perhaps destiny was too hard for him....He was deeply heart broken..But somehow he believed that someday he will get his due....Luck will reverse some day and will even out the unfairness he received..

From there on he became far more practical and opportunistic. His hardworking nature was replaced by smartness. He moved to a new world..A world filled with a diverse set of individuals..some very harworking, some very intelligent and others with a bit of both. Intermingling with this group he realized perhaps he was paid sufficiently for his harwork. Perhaps he was not that good in other aspect which limited his achievements... Nevertheless he was to happy to be given a chance to be a part of such a bright group and always tried to learn from each of them....At the end of his stay at this wonderful place he came out a lot more confident.

Alas He came out to the real world and joined a rat race. The race to proove himself..A race to get ahead or atleast remain at par to the briliant folks he met previously. He had a good start and loved his life and enjoyed it to fullst. But soon he realized that this is not something he has always wanted.. this is not something he has worked so hard for. He realized he had to move out of this, as fast as possible. He new an exit. An exit which will take him to a new place with another set of brilliant people and will open a new horizon of opportunities for him. He worked hard..not as hard as he did in the first place...but far more balanced and smartly. He cleared the first hurdle although not that convincingly but he was sure that he will come out of the next stage with flying colours. He again saw the same light he used to saw in distant past and worked even harder this time.

Today the same guy is at another fork way of his life. This time again it is the same destiny deciding his fate. He is hoping that this time will be different.. he will be given his long due....Perhaps this will evenout his previous disappointments and will give him the same confidence he possesed at the beginning of this story....

Moment of truth is just round the corner....Let the heavens play its part.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My First Car

Just bought my first car a Maruti Swift Vxi...... I was looking forward to this since long. At last the long wait has ended together with my grounded state.

Had a first drive early morning today. It was wonderful experience...everything much smoother than expected. Found a little difficulty in reversing and parking will try to brush up the same in a few days. Now I am looking forward to exploring Delhi together with the occasional trips to places around. My dear long time slumbering Camera you will not be idle for long.